Originally called Debonaire Business Solutions, DSS offered web development services such as web site maintenance and custom web applications.

The project goal was to create a clean interface with a confident, human element. DSS asked that the project avoid using the stereotypical "tech-creep" feel that emphasized green or red layouts.

Volkslight was a small startup company. It developed a patent to produce an environmentally friendly flashlight that used less power but produced more light.

The original site consisted of a single page with sections in various primary web colors. The new site became an "online business card" to help the owner capture interest in his product without scaring off potential investors. This project included creating a company logo and static web content.

This site concept was developed after a conversation with a restaurant manager.

The project was never commissioned, but it emphasized a strong use of color and an island feel.

The company sold an assortment of realistic silk flowers to online customers.

One major project requirement for this site was to keep it soft and natural. Colors were echoed from the provided image into the site design. Unfortunately, the financial failure of Petal Whispers prevented the site from being completed—the site is still missing the final logo and header treatment.

ECI has been around for 18 years and provides a range of environmental evaluation and engineering services.

The company website features a simple site design and environmental images. This site was constructed to allow the owner full control over all site content. The administration tool enables management of images, text, links, and some style attributes.

This website was an experiment of a search engine company to drive profits through contextual advertising.

One requirement was to keep text as text rather than images—the only text treatment is found in the header. A highlight of this site was that the client requested a high level of transparent elements. The site also features complete dynamic control of content.

AMO markets personalized concierge (calling) cards.

The client requested a magical, "Disney" look and feel. The site went through several iterations before meeting the client's preference.

Trillenia provides several financial services to help customers with debt management.

At the time of design completion, the official company logo had not been delivered and the RSS feed, connected to the News area, remained empty. The site focused on text content for the company's SEO needs.